“The tech and the space design motivate employee collaboration. The technology we had before worked, but because it was somewhat complicated, IT people would be in conference rooms four times a day to assist with meetings.”
Andrew Mercantini Ravago IT Manager

Key Project Equipment

  • 1080P Projector with a high de nition video processor and a performance screen
  • Audio system features a digital surrond sound receiver and high current power amplifier
  • A new 3.8” Crestron wireless touch panel with custom graphics and programming
  • Manual light blocking roller shades
  • A Crestron iLux integrated lighting system


At this 4,804 square foot waterfront property in Orlando, Florida we were able to transform a former exercise room into an impressive home theater designed for a full cinematic experience. Our skilled team provided and installed top quality equipment, acoustic treatments and custom lighting solutions all in just six weeks.


Converting a complicated space configuration into a home theater.


We discovered that the client hosted frequent parties. Therefore full home audio was a must, as well as having the ability to easily entertain guests with movies. Additionally, the client desired convenient control over lighting and climate systems to have tastefully designed scenes for daytime, nighttime, and entertainment.


From the start of the installation, the home’s audio video was engineered to achieve industry reference standards for both audio and video performance. To meet the tight time schedule, we carefully coordinated framing, electrical, drywall, painting, and millwork contractors so that as soon as each phase was complete the next could immediately begin. To create a workable shell, a wall was built to enclose the space and millwork was built in front of the bay windows that housed the screen, front speakers, and subwoofer. The sliding glass doors were covered by blackout shades to block outside light. Drywall was removed behind the wainscoting to allow enough space for the chairs and the entry door at the rear of the room without everything looking cramped. We worked closely with the client and interior designer to ensure the color selection would aide in making the room look good when the lights were on without picture quality degradation.


Creating a basic “home theater” is fairly simple, transforming an odd space makes it tricky, making it look and sound great is challenging, and doing it all in 6 weeks is nearly impossible. We were able to meet the client’s requests while maintaining our own design and quality standards by managing every aspect of the project. The result was a solution that matched exactly what the client was looking for in performance, aesthetics, and delivery.