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Property Value and the Smart Home Advantage

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Smart Home Housing Market

Today’s home buyers don’t only care about the neighborhood and schools anymore. Without question, they are still on top of the list along with daily commute routes and proximity to hospitals and doctors, and now smart home technologies.

Something that has recently moved from the “nice to have” list to the “necessity” list is smart home technology. One of the main reasons for this is security and energy efficiency. Both are something the homeowner/seller can dip their toes in or cannonball directly into the deep end, it all depends on the person and the need. 

 Energy Efficiency

There are plenty of products on the market that can help with energy control. The most common is a digital thermostat that syncs with an app on any device. These products can control the temperature and be set to adjust according to the time of day the homeowner presets. With the use of the app, the settings can be altered while away from the home. Staying at work later? Adjust the thermostat settings to not change until you’re in route home. By simply controlling a couple of hours and a couple of degrees can add up to big savings at years end.

Upgraded lighting also plays a role in energy savings. The investment up front may be eye-opening, simply comparing a traditional lightbulb to an LED bulb will demonstrate that. However, a change in bulbs and a lighting control system can do wonders for the efficiency of a home. Auto-dimming, controlling the percentage of a single room’s lighting compared to others, as well as presets when the homeowner is away are all options of a lighting control system.  

It’s quite obvious how smart home options can benefit the homeowner. Because this is becoming so common, the home buyer is looking for homes with existing equipment. For a homebuyer, this not only demonstrates future savings but also convenience. Imagine rushing off to work, forgetting to adjust the a/c and turn off the lights and being able to make all these adjustments on your device.

Smart Security

It is well known that security systems are deterrents and data collectors and the technology is advancing at an amazing rate. So many systems, professional or DIY, sync to your device/phone and allow you to monitor from any location. Some systems even let you interact with the environment by voice no matter where you are. There are automated deadbolts, video camera doorbells, multi-camera surveillance and even night vision cameras. Some of these can be installed on your own and some need professionals to do so. Consider longevity of the products when making your decision. 

Smart security systems are a good investment for any homeowner. They are also an amazing option for today’s home buyer. Not only are they buying a home but they are buying one that makes them feel safe and secure. Even the most simple investment can make a huge difference when listing a home for sale. 

The Value of Smart Home Features

Should you decide to list your home for sale, these smart features will show a difference in the home’s appraisal. They may also set you apart from neighboring homes for sale. This would give reason to hire a professional to do the installs. Regardless of the decision, any of these smart home technologies will add convenience to your life and assist in the increase of your property value.  

**A brief article about a smart home automation system we here at ZIO were recognized for by CEDIA.






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