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The Connected Office – Automation at Work

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If you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room. We’ve all heard that before. Now, what if the smartest one in the room was the room itself? With new technology, office automation is becoming more relevant daily. More and more executives are opting for VTC (video teleconferencing) over travel. Office and boardroom meetings are equipped with large tv monitors and/or projectors now, and gone are the days of passing out multi-page documents with agendas and meeting notes.

“Hey Google, schedule a meeting with…”

With office automation, simply talking to your device can expedite tasks and allow you to stay on track with the work at hand. Not having to leave what you’re doing for something else, and then have to come back to the original task allows you to be more time efficient and productive.

“Alexa, the meeting is about to begin”

Lights dim, projector turns on, laptop syncs and presentation is ready. By automating the office space you are able to maximize time spent. Not only your time but others as well. You don’t need to call the admin to track down the IT manager, saving the time of three people.

A single button press. Keeping it simple.

Maybe your office isn’t voice automated. It can still be Executive Simple. Grab that iPad off the wall mounted charger. Simply press the pre-set button option. Presentation-ready. Anyone should be able to enter the meeting room and be able to set up for their presentation in seconds.

Is your office automated? Leave us a comment and explain why or why not.






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