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What is Lighting Control?

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You may have heard the phrase “lighting control” mentioned with the terms “home automation” or “office automation”. Lighting plays a vital role in our daily productivity whether, at home or work, it enhances the environment and sets the mood. Lighting control can assist in increasing overall productivity or even energy management.

Different aspects of Lighting Control

LED Lighting and Color Tuning

With lighting control, the environment can be programmed to benefit not only the look and feel but those operating in the space as well. LED’s can be adjusted to warm the room with dimming, colors can be altered in the light and a percentage can be placed on maximum and minimum brightness levels. Having these control options can enhance productivity in the workplace and even create a calm for dinner time at home. When installed by a professional, all settings can be administered from a single tablet/iPad.

Maximizing Natural Daylight

Yes, natural light plays a role in the world of lighting control. With motorized shades, the natural light being let in or kept out can set the tone for any situation. Shades can be controlled to be down whenever a boardroom presentation is set so the screen or monitors are easier to see. In the home, shades can be set to the up position during the day and the inside lights dimmed. This allows softer lighting and energy management by not allowing the inside lights to display at their maximum while natural light can take their place.

Simplicity in Dimming

Having dimmers installed in today’s homes is not uncommon? By having dimmers on switches or in place of switches allows adjustments to brightness for the environment in the room but also energy management. More often than not maximum brightness is unnecessary.

Complete Lighting Solutions

Complete lighting control solutions take the above to another level. A full lighting management system can control everything mentioned above (dimming, shades, color tuning) and so much more. Outdoor sensors can sense the natural light and control the landscape/ outdoor lighting. Things such as walking paths and patio areas can automatically light up as soon as the sun sets. Indoor sensors can turn on and off lights depending on the occupancy of the room, turning off the lights when the room is vacant. Preset options can adjust in a home if it’s dinner time or even bedtime. The lighting control management system can also be synced with the security system and its sensors.

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