Professional Smart Home vs DIY – Home Automation

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The “Smart Home” trend has fully taken shape and is now becoming a staple in our everyday lives. With the likes of Amazons Alexa and Echo, Google Home, Nest, and Ring, it seems as if everyone is aware of home automation. It is amazing that someone can simply say “Hey Alexa, order more dog food.” or “Hello Google, remind me about my dentist appointment.”

The tricky part is getting the tech to communicate with your home, not just your voice and Amazon or Google accounts. “Hey Alexa, it’s dinner time.” How does Alexa communicate with your lighting control, music, window shades, and even your family?

Here are some reasons having a professional install may benefit you.

Peace of mind

Having technology install experience or not, there’s a chance that a “hiccup” may occur during install. This could result in 10 more trips to the hardware store or even calling a professional such as ZIO to fix things. Hiring a professional to design a system that fits specific needs, and install it simply removes all stress by placing it on the professional. This allows the home automation system to be enjoyed without the worry of it not working, or how it’s going to be maintained.


The homeowner may want the automation system to do certain things. This widget needs to control that widget which makes the other widget do this. A professional would know not only how to make it work but exactly what hardware and software are necessary. Not all technology equipment are alike and work well together. To have a custom system designed, would ensure that needs are met and the system does exactly what it’s meant to do.

Quality equipment

Not just quality but compatible equipment as well. Depending on what system is set up may determine what equipment is best suited for the job. For instance, outdoor audio, doorbells and security systems need to communicate with the in-house software but also be weatherproof.

Increase your property value

Yes, having a Nest thermostat may be a friendly convenience to a home buyer. However, a professionally installed system can absolutely make the difference in closing a sale contract or just increasing the value of the home.

Management and Maintenance

With professional installation, your home automation system will be well maintained and managed for any updates that may come about. Aftercare is something ZIO provides to every client. This relieves the homeowner of the responsibility to always run maintenance checks.

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