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Early in 2015, the Orlando Business Journal published an article titled, “How these Orlando entrepreneurs turned a $500K lost opportunity into a $1M contract”. It referenced an experience ZIO had and ultimately learned and has since grown from.

The article also includes a brief interview with questions ranging from, “What are future plans for the company?”, “What keeps you up at night?”, and “What opportunities do you see developing in your industry?”.

Since this article was published, ZIO has not only expanded our clientele into multiple states but our staff as well. At the time we had 20 employees and as of right now, we have exceeded 30 and are still hiring! We never celebrate mediocrity and aim to set the bar with each tech design and install. Our website demonstrates the commercial and residential work we have completed over the years.

If you’d like to read the OBJ article, you can view it here.

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