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[Orange County, FL] CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designer Award SILVER Technical Design Large Home Theater


These clients wished to turn their basement into a classic family-friendly home theater. The system was outfitted with the best possible projector, control system and speakers to ensure that their family and friends are fully entertained.


The client desired all speakers, equipment and projector hidden from sight, which required a custom design solution. The room presented challenging audio characteristics due to the fact that more than 50% of the walls were made of solid cement. The positive aspect was sound isolation from the rest of the house was fantastic. 


The home theater’s custom décor draws inspiration from Greek prosceniums and features classical elements like stained maple wood columns with fluting. Stage lighting fixtures and front draperies were installed to enhance the theatrical space. The theater seating features two rows with motorized incliners in premium leather. The ZIO team also created custom bar furniture that matched the theater’s millwork in style, color and finish. Touch panel controls makes the entire system easy to control for any family member and features custom-designed graphics produced by in-house team. The control panel starts with a simple layout for the kids and then expands to deeper controls if the adults desire advanced features. 

This enabled the user to feel comfortable with a simple control interface that requires no training.


The projector was fully calibrated and rendered silent to ensure that video was spot-on for all theatrical viewings. Seven acoustic wall panels were framed in stained maple and used as decorative columns. We collaborated with an interior designer in order to select panel fabrics with acoustic properties. The panels were then fabricated, wrapped and installed. The three main speakers and subwoofer were hidden behind the projection screen to ensure complete invisibility. For high-quality sound, the side and rear surround levels were calibrated to optimize the theater seating. The distributed audio system combined with the acoustics wall panels and expert calibration created 

a incredible dynamic range and exciting movie soundtracks.


Of course the technology means nothing if the theater isn’t used. The family uses it for entertaining, and the kids adore the proscenium with theatrical lighting. Mission accomplished. 

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