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ZIO sets out to retrofit an existing system at a Winter Park, Florida residence.  The clients were looking for a system that could provide integrated whole-home solutions for all of their entertainment and convenience needs.


The Challenge
When other electronic systems contractors fail to deliver their client's desires

We set out to prove to our clients that their recently installed system from another company could finally reach its full potential. The clients had been living with an unfinished system for six months, and were disappointed by the outcome because the system did not meet their expectations. After the client meeting, we agreed to take on the task of finishing what was a well thought-out but poorly executed system.  The system contained adequate equipment but lacked actual system design, care in wiring, installation competence and suffered from improper system programming.


The first challenge was that we were working with a system that had already been installed, which meant uninstalling everything at the head-end and totally re-engineering the system within the limits of the home’s wiring. The second major challenge was fully understanding the clients’ expectations and making that a reality, while still considering the constraints of the system. 


The 2,800 square foot home consists of fully integrated audio, video, 48 loads of lighting, HVAC, and security systems. There are nine zones of distributed audio with sources for AM/FM tuner, Sirius satellite radio tuner, Sooloos and personal computers.  A surround-sound system with integrated audio/video is featured in the media room (den), kitchen, and office.  Hidden speakers were located in the ceilings to provide music to all the rooms throughout the home.


Our first task was to completely reorganize and rewire the entire existing rack in a neat and organized manner.  The process required tracing, labeling and cabling all the wiring equipment located in the closet. The closet also did not have adequate ventilation, which was causing the equipment to run much hotter than it should.  Our solution was to install a proper cooling and air filtration intake and a second cooling fan.


With the exception of the study and master bedroom, there were no dedicated controls in any room. 

The clients didn’t want the wall clutter, and because the house is fairly compact, it decided prior to our involvement that two wireless Crestron touch panels would be used to control every audio and video zone in the home.”

The touch panels would also control the lighting, HVAC, and security, which meant each touch panel had to take on the role of controlling a whopping 11 rooms.  

Every button location, feedback and automation feature was painstakingly programmed, checked and adjusted until the system met the owners’ requirements."

The amount of programming and attention to detail needed to make a single 5.7-inch touch panel control 11 rooms of audio and video while allowing easy access to lighting, thermostats, security and whole-house presets for light and audio was a huge accomplishment.


Takeover projects are never easy; retrofitting an existing project to achieve the client’s requests requires thorough and detailed plans in order to be properly executed.  In the end, the clients were very satisfied with the outcome; which was the ultimate goal of working on this project. As experienced integrators, designing, installing and programming a system like the above is commonplace at ZIO. 


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