Basketball Star's Dream House

[Orlando, FL] CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designer Award GOLD Technical Design Integrated Home


Featured in the prestigious Street of Dreams luxury show home tour, this speculator Longwood Florida residence features 13 distributed audio zones, 48 zones of lighting, 21 user interfaces, 10 integrated subsystems, and over 200 hours of expert programming.  The impressive home technology design provides total home control and client customization in virtually every room. 

Giving a new home the customization the owner desiresSometimes it’s not until a homeowner lives with a system for a while that they realize what they really want it to do. After completing this dream home with breathtaking aesthetic qualities, which warranted recognition in the Street of Dreams Show, the homeowner realized he wanted to install a system similar to his prior home. He wanted his old system integrated into his new home while expanding its capabilities.
The client already had an audio/video system in his prior home but he was unable to enjoy it properly. He was not content with the user interface of the old system and craved ease-of-use. He was looking for a consistent user interface that was customized and drew inspiration from the feel of his Rolls-Royce Phantom. The personalization was an important component of the client’s requests.

The system itself is comprised of 13 distributed audio zones and five distributed audio/video zones, 21 user interfaces, seven control processors, 10 integrated subsystems, over 200 hours of programming and one easy to use touch panel design.

Theater: A 7.2 channel home theater features the client’s existing equipment and a high definition video processor and input switcher. All sources will be enhanced to the highest picture quality and any incompatibility with source types are eliminated resulting in a more reliable system. A control system was programmed to control all of the theater’s equipment. Wall dimmers were used to replace the existing switches and allow scene control and dimming through the control system

Game Room: A Wii room built specifically for playing the Nintendo Wii features a 5.7’ wireless touch control that operates the TV, receiver, DVD player and game consoles.

Master Bedroom: The master suite features a flat panel that rises from behind a fireplace. In addition, three in-ceiling left, center and right speakers were installed to allow full five-channel surround sound. The speaker grill were installed flush into the ceiling and factory painted black to blend into the ceiling. A low-profile subwoofer was also installed and placed under the bed to be hidden from sight. All shades and draperies in the master bedroom were motorized and can be controlled from in-wall or wireless screen control. Programming allows one button to open and close all of the shades and draperies in the room.

Family Room: A 5.1 channel family room features flat panel hidden behind motorized artwork and a Crestron touch screen control alongside a Crestron iPod docking station, Rotel surround sound receiver, Kaliedescape player, and Bright House HD-DVR.

Bar/Game Room: The game room features three displays, a 5.6" wireless touch screen tabletop docking station and control processor for control of cable boxes, channel and volume on the TV's and the room's whole house audio.

Video Surveillance: 11 existing digital video recorders from the old home were moved and installed and the feed can be accessed from any touch screen. Cameras allow coverage of the pool, backyard, and side yard.

HVAC: The HVAC system features six communicating thermostats to allow local or remote control of the air conditioning and heating in the entire home. Every touch screen will have access to each thermostat, and the system can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature based on events such as disarming or arming the security system

Phone System: A long-range cordless phone system with 1 base station and 5 cordless phones was installed in the home. The base station will be installed in equipment closet and connected to the home’s phone line. Cordless phones were installed in the following rooms: Office, Master Bedroom, Chris' bedroom, Upstairs Game Room (or theater), and Kitchen.

Security: A voice annunciation interface was installed in the security system panel and connection to whole house audio system. The system was programmed for voice annunciation on owner selected doors and windows. Flat-panel TVs were installed in various rooms throughout the house:

  • Master water closet, bath, closet
  • Study room
  • Outdoor living area
  • Barber shop
System sources comprised of:
  • Three Kalidescape video plays
  • Four digital video recorders
  • Three Kaliedescape music zones
  • Three interactive iPod docking stations
  • An AM/FM tuner and XM tuner
Every sub-system in the home was integrated into seven wired and wireless touch panels including:
  • 48 zones of lighting
  • Security
  • Life safety
  • Eight exterior cameras
  • Pool/spa controls
  • Backyard fire features
  • Six temperature zones
  • Gate control
  • Motorized shades
The mix-and-match nature of the project created several barriers during the installation phase. We did not perform the original system design or pre-wire, and were brought in to complete the project at the finishing stage prior to the Street of Dreams show. Because of this, we were unable to start designing a system from the ground up, with the client’s end goals in mind.
During the installation we had to be very creative to meet every client requests."
We were fortunate that the home was already well wired but design sacrifices also had to be made, for example, we had three racks in the living spaces that normally would have been consolidated at the head-end.
Without any knowledge of who would live in the home, the project just started as a show home system for the tour.  When originally designing the system, we had no knowledge of who would ultimately be living in the home and utilizing the system.  Once the home was purchased, we better understood the new homeowners needs and were able to integrate his existing equipment into the home.  This resulted in a state-of-the-art electronic system with unique capabilities.
The client can start a movie in the theater while also setting the room temperature, viewing the gate camera, letting his friends in the front gate, while finishing up the movie in the master suite hot tub, from any touch panel."
The project started with a knowledgeable client, the formation of an all-star team, and clear direction of the final results. The project ended with a well designed, and engineered, system that was installed and programmed to reflect successful systems integration.

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