Hi-Tech Man Cave

[Winter Park, FL]


This Winter Park Man Cave features, a high performance theater system and Professional Golf Stimulator, all integrated with an easy to use interface on an iPad Mini.

Challenge: To give a golf enthusiast a media room

This client desired the capability to watch TV, movies, listen to music, and use the golf simulator, all at the same time.

Very specific design requirements for the golf simulator system had to be considered in the design of the room. Without a thoughtful room design with special accommodations and enhanced automation features, the two systems could not co-exist in the space.


The space presented unique architectural and interior design requirements due primarily to the complex golf simulator system. The golf simulator system required a separate and distinct system and need sophisticated programming to be integrated into the entire control system.

We discovered that the golf system required padding for the surrounding walls and ceiling, a special projector, and a screen that could coexist with the theater projector and other equipment.  


The interior designer provided us with CAD drawings through only the first set of revisions - and left the rest of the design up to us. We methodically and carefully identified solutions that allowed each element of the two Man Cave systems to work flawlessly together.

The interior design of the space also had to be taken into consideration to accomplish the multi-purpose objective of the space. The design composition had to work around cabinetry and valuated ceilings. From the beginning of the design phase there was a constant collaboration with the architect, designer, and builder.


The specific design requirements of the golf stimulator presented unique installation solutions:

To ensure safety, padding was installed on the walls and ceilings, to prevent a stray ball from bouncing back and injuring someone. The upholstered ceiling was designed to accommodate speakers. The speakers had frameless grills, which minimized the hard surfaces and still could provide theater quality audio performance.

In order to easily toggle between the golf and theater screen, two curved motorized drapery tracks with a transitioning panel were installed. The custom fabricated drapery could hide the golf screen when not in use and complemented the room’s interior design.

Two different projectors were installed to provide video for the theater and golf system. The golf simulator required a special projector to ensure the correct simulation image and the theater projector was implemented with different lens and screen. In the middle of room, a beam was installed to hold the golf projector and the theater projector was installed in the rear, to properly fill the 150 inch motorized screen.


In the end, everything came together and the clients loved the Man Cave. It is used as intended for playing golf, watching movies, and having friends over to watch multiple sporting events simultaneously.


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