A Technological Dream Home

[Winter Park, FL]


In an exclusive Winter Park, Florida neighborhood, a tech-savvy family wanted to enrich and enhance their ultimate dream home with technology.

Challenge: Matching the system to the client’s desires, needs and budget

In today’s economy and within the custom electronic industry, budget almost always becomes an important factor in the design of the system; there was no exception on this project. The clients didn’t have a set budget; however, cost was a key decision benchmark.

The interior design of the home also presented another obstacle. The transitional interior design elements of the home did not leave much space for equipment in the living spaces. Combining modern and traditional design styles required all the equipment to be hidden.


A great deal of time was spent getting to know our clients and how technology fits into their lifestyle. The couple had young children and spent a lot of time entertaining family and friends and wanted their system to reflect that.

Following the review of the project’s scope and budget, we learned our clients were well versed in technology and wanted to be involved in every step of the way.

They clearly communicated their expectations and top priorities for the system. They wanted to have easy access to entertainment sources, convenience of operation and peace of mind that their systems would be available on call.  


Every aspect of the system was carefully considered, to ensure the system communicated value and reliable performance. We wanted to make sure that our clients were educated and informed throughout the whole process, while at the same time not become overwhelmed or confused. The clients played an active role in the process and numerous collaborative revisions occurred before reaching the final system design.

An important element of the system composition was the interior design of the home. The interior designer and homeowner wanted the technology to be as invisible as possible. To accomplish this, all equipment was centralized in a dedicated climate controlled “technology closet,” allowing all but the speakers and displays to be installed in a centralized location and out of sight.

The lighting was another significant technological element that required assistance and coordination with the interior designer. The lighting was designed to highlight the unique architectural features of the home. The stunning wood and stone elements of the transitional design and architecture is carefully spotlighted with a lighting control system.

In order to meet the client’s expectations of convenience, the entire home is easily controlled from any smart phone, tablet, handheld touch screen remotes or wall-mounted touch screens.


The home was integrated using Creston audio, video, lighting and automation systems. The system also features a security alarm system, which is configured to automatically control lighting scenes, thermostat presets, and entertainment power.

Entertainment was the key attribute of the system and one of the most important factors for the clients. To help keep the kids and guests amused, a high-definition media server was installed. The server has access to stored movies, music, home movies, as well as streaming Internet content. The entertainment continues with TiVo, Apple TV and BluRay Player devices. Music and video can be assigned to any room’s speaker or display and plays seamlessly between rooms.

The home also features a technology sanctuary dubbed the “man cave”. The room features a large screen projection system and a Golf simulator.


Many integrators can put together a bill of materials, install gear and make the system function at some level. The challenge was to match the design of the system to the client’s wants, needs and budget, while at the same time producing clear documentation, coordinate with the vast array of stakeholders, deliver a working system on time and within budget, and have clients who are thrilled with both the results and the ease in which the system was delivered.

In the end the clients told us that they 

got exactly what they wanted"

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