Everything's Under Control

[Orlando, FL]


The owner of this beautiful 1950s era home desired synergy between the architecture, interior design and electronics integration.


Seamlessly integrating high technology and convenient controls into a client's classic 1950's era home.


We discovered that the client plays host to frequent parties, therefore several primary needs had to be made. Full home audio was a must, as well as the ability to easily entertain guests with movies. Additionally, the client desired convenient control over lighting and climate systems. They wanted tastefully designed lighting for daytime, nighttime and entertaining scenes.  


This project was a full-scale remodel and addition to the client’s home. This created unique challenges such as integrating all new electronics and wiring into the existing and new structure. The client was intimately involved in perfecting the results of the tastefully designed lighting which required hours of adjusting and refining 80 lighting loads for daytime, nighttime and entertaining scenes.

The control subsystem was even extended to the elaborate pool and spa area located in the backyard. As their entertainment destination, the client’s wanted access to the pool zone’s distributed audio source selection, control and volume through a waterproof wireless remote. The remote was designed to provide the ultimate control and convenience over the entire pool and spa system. “While lounging in the pool, the client can adjust the temperature, change the music and crank up the volume, without moving an inch.”


We considered the requirements and decided to go with a complete Crestron system. This allowed us maximum flexibility to provide a mix of wall mounted touch panels, hand held controls and wall mounted keypads. In addition, we could provide the client with the level of customization they required. The touch panel interface was completely customized from scratch using Photoshop and complemented the home’s interior aesthetics. The compact design of the components allowed all the equipment to fit in the small space we had to accommodate.

Distributed audio was made flexible and easy to control for the client with an appropriate assortment of Crestron touch screen’s and 12 button keypads. Almost every room in the house has its own zone, for a total of 17 throughout this modest 3,900 square foot home. In addition to audio, the 12 button keypads provide two lighting scenes each and are the sole user interface in all of the secondary rooms such as bathrooms and guest suites.

An entire closet was set aside in the design phase to house all of the wiring panels and equipment required for the home’s subsystems, however the actual amount of usable floor space limited us to a single rack for the entire whole house audio system, control system and media room electronics.


The end result was a system that reflected the client’s lifestyle in more ways than one. Everything from the distributed audio party mode, waterproof pool and spa controls and custom lighting scenes, help to make the homeowner’s technology wish list become a reality. They were delighted with their system and it is now an integral part of the daily home life.

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