Energy Management

What if technology could actually save you money? You invest in lighting controls, motorized shades, air-conditioning controls and security, so why not let these systems work together to save you money? With integrated home technology, each of the systems can communicate with each other and respond to varying changes such as time of day, room occupancy, sunlight, security system status and real-time electricity pricing to adaptively respond in real-time, not a set schedule, to save energy.

Examples of popular energy management features include:

  • Having lights automatically turn off when a room isn’t occupied
  • Adjusting air-conditioning and shades when the alarm is armed in away mode
  • Putting the home to “sleep” when the alarm is in vacation mode by setting air-conditioning back, closing privacy shades, automatically varying interior lighting so the home still looks occupied, turning off water heaters, pumps and other non-essential loads
  • Responding to real-time demand reduction requests and time of use rate increases from the power company by turning off water heaters, pumps and other non-essential loads such as lighting and adjusting air-conditioning set points

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