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Technology has filled every aspect of our lives, and the home is no exception. The promise of automation systems that deliver a futuristic lifestyle have been around since the animated show "The Jetson’s" first aired. Fortunately, thanks to smart phones, tablets and the Internet, the connected home of the future is here and it works! An automation and control system is the backbone of the 21st century connected home and is what allows energy management, lighting, shading, entertainment and security to work together with simplicity.

Examples of popular automation features: 

  • Notification when a child’s code is used when arriving home from school or at night when trying to get out 
  • Having a single button set the perfect party mode by adjusting lights, selecting a music playlist, and turn on water and fire features 
  • When the alarm goes off, turn on inside lights, flash exterior lights and even send text messages, in addition to traditional monitoring services 
  • Accessing the entire system from anywhere through a smart phone, tablet or computer

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