When we were approached to design and build the 2012 New American Home in Winter Park, we contacted Peter Shipp to have his company, ZIO join our team as the official technology partner.


Working with him in the past, we knew that ZIO would provide insight into the industry trends and help coordinate with other trades to ensure as seamless a building process as possible.


Incorporating ZIO into the process early allowed us ample opportunity to move up and add spaces as needed before the project left the planning stages."
Phil Kean, Phil Kean Designs

We worked with ZIO on our existing home to design and install a new audio-visual system and whole-house audio. We were able to start with a clean slate and we really didn’t even know everything that we wanted to do at the beginning stages, but we knew we wanted to maximize the use of whatever we dreamed of putting together. We had worked with Peter Shipp and ZIO in the past because of their award-winning and cutting edge reputation. They worked with us as a team and from the beginning did their due diligence and a needs review. They are great listeners. We received a detailed proposal that included items that we had never even thought of before on our own. It was really interesting stuff that we never knew existed. Most people are comfortable in their routines and are somewhat afraid to learn. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about how to use all of this great new technology but ZIO went above and beyond and led me through the education step-by-step. They even went as far to type out all of the instructions in case I forgot something. I highly recommend working with ZIO because they are professional, smart and passionate about what they do. They are not pushy at all and are great to deal with on the entire scope of the project."  
Mimi Ford, ZIO at Home Client

I am a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and have partnered with ZIO on numerous projects. I love working with the ZIO team because they are also members of ASID which tells me that they want to demonstrate continuous improvement, share cutting-edge information, and deal with other people professionally. I recommend involving ZIO at the beginning of your projects so that they can work with you to define what the technology implications can be with any project. They are great communicators and know how to work with multiple industry partners at one time on a given project."
Marilee McGinn member ASID, Industry Partner



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