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Unbiased Experience

Did you know that at ZIO we believe in being brand neutral?

Our team has years of experience and we’ve learned some tricks that allow us to do things most thought was once impossible. Our team is able to utilize their knowledge of the technology at our fingertips, and will educate you on what products will work cohesively in your new, fully-functional space.

This is experience is very important because we allow you to choose the brands that will suit your needs, while staying within your desired budget. So, don’t be held down to one brand choice; enjoy your freedom.

Links of the Week #18


Nano LCR 3.0 

Earlier this year, Triad Speakers introduced their newest speaker bar, the OnWall Nano LCR 3.0. It was designed to be used with flat-panel televisions, and boasts 3-in-1 technology; meaning it replaces the need to have a left, right, and center speaker to deliver surround sound.

Nano LCR 3.0 can be mounted on the wall, or directly to the television display. It can be used as a standalone speaker or you can combine it with one of Triad’s OmniSubs to deliver optimal home theater performance. There is a standard size available, but it can also be built to order allowing you to customize it to the size of your television (up to 82”) and it can also be painted in any color you desire.

If you’d like more information on this product, be sure to visit Triad's website, and watch the video from InfoComm14.



Lighting Sensors 

Saving energy isn’t only good for our pockets, but it’s also good for the environment. Lutron offers a variety of lighting sensors that can help us achieve this goal.

With occupancy and vacancy sensors, you can easily move from room to room without ever forgetting to turn the light off behind you. This is especially useful for those with small children. With a variety of sensors, you can pick whether you want the lights in a given room to come on automatically when you enter, or you can simply press a button and walk away. With either option, upon leaving the room, the lights will automatically shut off.

Check out Lutron's website for more information and informative videos on these products.

Z-Tip #18

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Product Knowledge

Why stand blindly inside a retail store like a deer in the headlights with no clue on what you need to get the job done when knowledgeable help is within easy reach?

Don’t get left in the dark. A good AV company, like ZIO, has years of experience with designing, and installing entire systems for commercial and residential clients. We know that there is a difference between the two types of applications, and what products would work best for both. For example, some network equipment will work better in a residential environment, but will not be able to handle the strain that the 24/7 commercial environment puts on them.

The ZIO team knows the specs of the latest products on the market, how they’ll affect your systems, and what will best suite your individual needs. Let us lead you confidently in to the future, while enjoying a system that is tailored to your lifestyle.

InfoComm14 Wrap Up

InfoComm14 Wrap Up

ZIO is back from InfoComm14!

37, 048 attendees filled the North and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center to celebrate this year’s latest and greatest in the AV world. This year’s conference proved how mainstream home and business automation is becoming. Technology is constantly changing and it can be difficult for most to stay current with the latest technology innovations, but ZIO is here to help.

One of the big trends in commercial technology is the ability for people to better collaborate. Spaces can be designed to allow multiple people to collaborate in the same space or solutions can be set up that allows people at different locations to collaborate together. Regardless of how you are trying to design a space there are many new technologies that allow for collaboration.

Mersive’s technology stood out as powerful accessory that any business can incorporate in to their current environment. As the name playfully implies, their new Solstice software immerses any of its users in to one unified, collaborative content sharing environment.

Solstice is capable of:
  • Unlimited simultaneous collaborators via WiFi or Ethernet connections
  • Connect with any Windows, Apple or Android devices
  • Share videos, applications, documents, images, etc.
  • Allow multiple streams per user on the display
  • Versatile control of the screen layout
  • Ability to share only what the user wants to allow for security
Check out the video below to see Fred’s demonstration of the software on a touchscreen display.

Below is a video from the CTO of Mersive Technologies explaining Solstice in more detail and giving you a better example of how it's used.

As you can see, Mersive built Solstice from the ground up to satisfy any company’s needs. It easily allows anyone to connect to the Solsitce-enabled display so they can share, and control the ideas on screen while fostering collaboration and decision making.

This is one of the many new products featured at InfoComm that will allow you to be more productive with collaboration. Stay tuned in the future for a feature on many more of the collaborative technologies and their application to creating more creative and efficient meetings.

Links of the Week #17


Transparent Displays 

At InfoComm14, one of the highlights was LG’s multi-touch 47” transparent LCD display.

Innovation drives inspiration, and the like. It’s just natural that we strive to make the world around us come alive with information. Right now LG’s focus is on the commercial side, but it doesn’t stop there; the possibilities of in-home use could be grand as well.

These displays first made headway a few years ago, but are starting to gain traction as the technology improves.


  • Smart refrigerators that become transparent when you walk up to them to save you from having to open the door to see what’s inside
  • Business fronts which could show promotions or ads based on the information it gathers from your cell phone
  • Walking up to a vending machine that interacts with you while showing an ad right on the front, but the product inside is still visible
  • Jewelry cases showing the prices of the items you’re looking at while also displaying information about them
  • Going to a museum or zoo and seeing information displayed on the front of the exhibits

We could go on and on, but we’ll let you continue imagining what could be done with this technology.
Check out this vine if you’d like to see the display in action during the conference.



Lampless Projectors 

Most of us can remember a time when our teachers would wheel out that big, hefty overhead projector and would demand that we take endless notes, while they continually slapped one transparent page after another on the screen. They also had to constantly change out the lamps because they’d burned out quickly.

Projectors have come a long way since then. Panasonic has developed and launched their Solid Shine Series of lampless mounted projectors, which use a newly developed LED/Laser-Combined light source. Panasonic even won a Reader’s Choice Award for Projector Manufacturer at this year’s InfoComm14.

Now, these lampless projectors have been out for a few years now, but recent technology allows the newest projectors to boast:

  • Approximately 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation
  • Long-lasting picture quality
  • Superior color reproduction
  • Quick start and quick off
  • Capable of 24/7 continuous operation
  • Run more efficiently

For a video explanation of these new projectors check out this YouTube video from July 2013, or go directly to the Panasonic's website to read more.

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