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Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

Holiday projects can be scary. ZIO isn’t afraid!

The ZIO team wishes you a Happy Halloween. The holiday season ahead is a busy time for everyone. We can ensure that there are no technology gremlins spoiling your time with family and friends.

Before our calendar is full, call us with a time that works for you. Let us take care of any projects that will make your holidays a treat. We’ll make sure that your technology works for you, your way, all the time.

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New York Times explores how new technology is rethinking light

Here are just a few of the new novel, useful, unique applications for lighting, that goes far beyond dimming and brightness functions.

Public Works:
Lights embedded in walls or ceilings will soon replace traditional street lampposts on city highways. Engineers have created fixtures that could replace reflective medians in highways. The strips can provide as much illumination as street lamps. The metal and wiring that goes into the streetlamp would be unnecessary.

baby turtles
Protecting Animal Life:
A lighting company has developed amber “turtle lights” that will help sea turtle hatchlings along the Florida coast find their way to the sea instead of staying inland.

home lighting1
In the Workplace: Imagine sitting at your desk to use the computer and the overhead light automatically dims to increase the contrast between the screen and your environment. It would ultimately help you see better and improve your office productivity.

businessman-sleeping-hotel ss

Hotel rooms featuring light fixtures that enhance your sleep or restore the circadian rhythms of jet-lagged travelers.

Smart Lampposts that can sense gas hazards and send alerts.

Philips has developed a product that uses blue LED lights inside a comfortable and wearable pad that relaxes muscles resulting in pain relief.

Architectural Art: Check out these great videos of LED light shows

The Bay Lights is LED sculpture that creates a dazzling display across the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge.

The Empire State Building light show synchronized to the music of Alicia Keys

Energy Saving:

In the United States, lighting consumes more than 20 percent of electric power generated each year; the Energy Department says LEDs can cut consumption by up to 80 percent.

At the University of California, Davis, a bike path illuminated at night with a “just in time” system has one light node alerting another and another down the line as a bicycle goes by, progressively lighting the rider’s way, then dimming back into an energy-saving mode.

Some companies are reimagining lampposts as nodes in a smart network for more than just lighting. Lampposts connected to a smart grid can visually monitor, sense heat, and communicate with other nodes and humans. The system’s data could eventually be used to create an app to help people find parking.

Z-Tip #5

Z-Tips-Logo 142x142
Advice from an Expert and Award-Winning Technology Contractor

Your outdoor entertainment area can go far beyond grills and patio seating.  Consider adding technology for your next outdoor gathering.  Incorporate an all-weather proof TV and a sound system for a movie night on the patio. 

Links of the Week #4

rainy day sm-1Home Automation that Adapts to Weather Conditions

It’s raining; better close the windows. The temperature is expected to drop; might want to bump up the heat. The sun is beaming and it’s hot; good idea to close the drapes and shades. 

A new home automation system allows you to program specific events based on the local weather forecast, resulting in greater convenience, safety and comfort.

Read More @ Electronic House 


DVD Players Help Save Lives

DVD players made almost obsolete by USB sticks and video streaming, may have a new life as inexpensive diagnostic instruments. 

Researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm say the optics in DVD players can be used to create cost-effective and speedy instruments to analyze blood and perform cellular imaging. The device can have far-reaching benefits in healthcare in the developing world.

Check out Technology Tell for more information

Hilarious Video Testing a “Virtually Indestructible” Outdoor TV

Over at Digital Trends, they were given a 55-inch Sunbrite TV and literally threw everything they had at it.

Check out the video below 

SELECT01Company on a Quest to Make the Light Switch Stylish

With few and forgotten milestones marking the history of the household light switch—the toggle switch invented in the 1900s and the paddle switch in the 1960s - Legrand is on a quest to reinvent this essential home product with the launch of Adorne, a distinctive line of switches, dimmers, outlets, and wall plates.

The Adorne wall plates come in 32 striking finishes, including cast metals, natural woods, leather, and an array of vibrant hues. The broad range has been designed to fit any décor. 

Source: Legrand 

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