Z-Tip #7

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HACKED - Need to know

Sometimes, getting the cheapest bid leads to the biggest costs in the end. Don’t let your smart home get hacked by hiring inexperienced companies or by doing it yourself. There are some key necessities that need to be ironed out, or you may see ghost like behavior going on when you least expect it… or even worse, your home may be open to potential thieves. Don’t be fearful of technology. Educate yourself, and hire a qualified company.

Live your dream! It’s easier than you think…

Today, April 11, 2014, HGTV rolls out the winner of the Dream Home 2014 Sweepstakes. While this home may be a dream for some, HGTV’s Smart Home 2014 may be a better fit.

This home, fit for the tech-lover at heart, features:
  • A home-automation system that gives the ability to control the security system, lighting and temperature. With a few touches on a tablet, the homeowner can schedule multiple functions at once. For example, homeowners could have a preset bedtime mode scheduled which would automatically lock the front door, lower the thermostat and turn off the lights.
  • A front door lock and garage door opener are connected to the main control system in the home, and can be controlled via smartphone or web-enabled device.
  • The security system can be accessed remotely and includes an alarm, sensors and video cameras. Security cameras over the front door, garage, and two interior portable cameras monitor any activity from family members to potential invaders.
  • A shower that comes with two remotes, and feature programmable settings. At the touch of a button, homeowners can wake up to a hot shower ready and waiting. The owner can also preset water flow and temperature to suit their needs.
  • A theater room where a large projector screen retracts from the ceiling. Seamlessly blended in ceiling speakers and two subwoofers, built into the wall, produce dramatic sound throughout the room. The projector features HD video with streaming capabilities and connectivity to the whole-home system.
  • Multiple video displays and tablets to make sure you’re always connected to what’s going on.
  • An electronic pet door which is activated by a sensor attached to the pet’s collar.

All of the features integrate security, ease, and peace of mind in to its owner’s minds. If you want to see these ideas put in to functional applications, check out the HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes for more information and pictures.

So, if you don’t happen to win that dream home, give us a call. Whatever your dreams or desires are, ZIO can make any of these features a reality. Let us Imagine, Discover, and Connect you to the possibilities.

Links of the Week #5


FIN – Wear the World 

We can remember back to when wireless remotes were intriguing, or when the first touch screen device was invented. But now, India has introduced us to a gesture-based device that allows us to control technology faster and easier.

With FIN, everything is truly at your fingertips.

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Passwords: Soon Technology of the Past? 

Biometrics, such as fingerprint scans or voice recognition software, are currently used to unlock doors and grant us access to secure areas. In the near future these and 5 other biometrics alternatives may be able to take over where passwords once reigned supreme.

Read more at: CNN Tech 

Z-Tip #6

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Advice for School Teachers

Using technology can enhance and improve learning. Integrating technology into your classroom may be the best way to involve your students in an engaging curriculum. Computers can motivate kids to write, draw, investigate, research, and learn better. Embrace what the futures holds, and see what dreams your students can turn in to a reality.

See more here.


The battle looms on as tech giants across the globe fight to dominate the airways, and cables intertwining our lives. Netflix’s agreement to pay Comcast for direct access to their broadband network would give Comcast the green light to become the dominant broadband provider in the US.

Netflix has been in a standoff with all of the major broadband providers, including Comcast, AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc., and Time Warner Cable Inc. As congestion grew, negotiations between Netflix and Comcast heated up. The gloves have come off, and have been replaced by pens.

How will this effect consumers and providers alike in respect to net neutrality? Only time will tell.

Visit The Washington Post for more information.

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