TV - 4K On the Way: Part 1 of 3

We all have television sets in our homes, and some of us have more than 1 or 2. But, have you heard about the newest TVs out there? 4K Televisions are here – promising to deliver a truly cinematic experience!

When you watch true 4k content, you’ll feel like you’re right inside your favorite show or movie, and the detail will surely amaze you. What used to look like a blur in the background now can be seen clearly as people running from an explosion. With the right content, no matter what you’re watching, you’ll be right there in the action; from swimming in the ocean, flying through the sky, getting blown up, or being thrown through a wall. 4K television will immerse you in it all.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video:

What does 4k mean and why is it better than HD?

4K television increases the current lines of pixels which improves the resolution. Resolution of a screen is measured by lines of pixels:

  • Current HD is 1K, 1920 v x 1080 h = 2 million + pixels
  • 4k or UHD is 3840 v x 2160 h = 8 million + pixels

In simple terms, this means that you have 4x the number of pixels, for the same size screen, which allows images to be much more clear and defined. With each line of pixels added, the image becomes fuller and crisper allowing the viewer to have more of an improved image quality. This ends up giving you an even more cinematic feel than ever before.

As you saw in the video, everything becomes more lifelike in 4K and it really blows our current HD out of the world.

What’s the optimal viewing distance for 4K TVs?

Because of how the human eye processes information, you’ll have to sit closer to the television in order to get the full benefit of 4K TV. The closer you sit to the screen or the bigger the TV, the more important resolution becomes. For HD, with a 65” TV, the recommended distance would be a little more than 9’. With a 4K TV, the recommend seating distance would be a little over 6’.

To find out what size television and the distance you should sit from it, go to RTINGS Website.

Because the 4K televisions have such pixel dense displays, manufacturing will begin at 55” and increase from there. This is good news for Man Caves everywhere!

4K will not be a fad like 3D television sets. Most people end up using their 3D TVs as 2D options because it is more convenient and there’s not a lot of content available, but with 4K television that won’t happen.

If it’s time to purchase a new television, you may want to consider purchasing a 4K TV since it seems to be emerging as the new standard.

It will be as if you had a cinema screen in your family room, media room, or living room. You’ll just have to pick the one that is best for you based on your needs: price range and space available.

What content will be available for your new 4K?

You’ll have to check back with us next Friday to see Part 2 where we talk about content and go a little more in depth about 4K.

Links of the Week #7


Technology On FIRE 

You wanted your voice to be heard… now Amazon’s Fire TV will listen. Looking to compete with Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Sony and Vizio, Amazon has introduced a new way to stream your favorite shows and movies to your television.

With Amazon’s remote, you simply speak the title, actor, or genre in to the microphone and Fire TV will search for you. The device also has a fun feature, called ASAP, which will predict what TV episodes you may want to watch next and queues them up instantly.

In addition to being able to stream your favorite shows and movies, Fire TV will double as a casual gaming console with a gaming controller, which is sold separately.

To learn more about Fire TV and to see pricing, go to CNN Money's Website.



Smart Floor 

Could the future of home automation and integration lead us in to knowing when, and where a person is at in our homes? SensFloor, developed by German firm Future-Shape, thinks so.

Their system measures capacitance, which are changes to the local electric field caused by a person or any other conductive object coming near the sensors. Hint: This is the same technology that we hold in our hands on a daily basis… our smart phones.

The technology would be able to monitor an individual’s steps throughout an area, turning on or off lights accordingly. It can also sense liquid spills or if someone is lying on the floor, and could notify the person monitoring it immediately; which would be a life-saving device for the elderly.

Head over to Dezeen Magazine's website  to read their article for information on this future product.

Z-Tip #8

Z-Tips-Logo 142x142
Energy Vampires

Did you know that your digital cable and satellite boxes are one of the top energy consuming devices in your home? Some of you may have noticed that recently certain companies have been introducing equipment with energy saving modes built in. Couple that with HVAC systems, chargers, gaming devices and old appliances, and you may be paying out a fortune in electricity costs every year.

To save money in the long run, invest in smart devices that can control the temperature in your home, turn unnecessary devices off when you’re not at home, and if you have a power saving function in other devices, make sure they are turned on.

The little hassle now will end up as a big return in the end, allowing you to save aside money for fun things later on. Be smart, and save some green while being green.

ZIO Introduces Savant!

ZIO continuously strives to bring you the latest and most efficient technical solutions. Whether you need them at home or at work, we want you to be in control!

What does this mean for our clients?

Savant has an extraordinary platform and range of products that cohesively addresses:

  • Control
  • automation
  • audio/video
  • telephony
  • digital display
  • lighting control
  • energy management
  • media integration

One touch controls from your Apple® devices allows you full control and reliability.

Savant is also a progressive platform, so as lifestyle and time changes... it can too!

Technology will literally be at your fingertips, allowing you the ease and comfort you deserve.

See more information at Savant's Website.

Links of the Week #6


It's ALL Alien - Translator Needed 

Oh, The Internet of Things (IoT). The future possibilities for the world around us to connect, learn, and interact with us is ever expanding… but, there’s a hiccup. Each of the major platforms speaks their own language and all are in desperate need of a universal translator.

One company, Qualcomm, has been developing a platform named AllJoyn that hopes to be that translator. The company already produces the chips found in smartphones, and tablets. They even sell the chips that are installed within smart thermostats, security systems, cars, and everything else that happens to be “smart.”

For more information on this, check out: CNN Tech



Creative Techies 

The greatest thing about home or work automation is that you can tailor it to fit your individual needs, lifestyles, or budgets. Smart systems can manage routines, help to decrease energy consumptions and create a more convenient lifestyle away from our busy work lives.

Some owners and their custom electronic (CE) professionals have broken down the walls on the box to create some phenomenal features.

Go look at 10 Amazing Home Automation Tricks at Electronic House’s Website. 

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