How to Guide: Cleaning Your Devices


You just got back from a vacation in Arizona and you’re trying to show a friend the awesome photographs you took, but all they’re talking about is how dirty your laptop is.

Or, you’re watching television with a friend and they notice an annoying smudge that keeps distracting everyone from the content.

We’ve all experienced it, but do you clean your devices correctly?

Luckily, with the right kind of knowledge, cleaning your device can be simple and safe. Watch CNET’s video, and follow the instructions below to correctly clean and refresh dirty devices.

Things you'll need:

  • Soft, lint free cloths or micro fiber cloths
  • Mild dish detergent
  • Can of compressed air
  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Use paper towels
  • Windex
  • Spray anything directly on the screen

When Cleaning:
  • Power down your device
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Remove the battery (if possible)
  • Always wet the cloth and then clean the surface.

To clean exterior and screen laptops, monitors or HD TVs:
  • Use a few drops of dish soap and a few cups of warm water
  • Dip the lint free rag in the soap water
  • Ring out excess liquid
  • Wipe down the surfaces
  • Rinse the rag out completely
  • Wipe down again using clean water
  • Wipe down a third time with a dry cloth to avoid streaks

To clean the keyboard:
  • Use a can of compressed air to rid of any debris
  • Be sure to also focus on any vents as well
  • Dab the lint free cloth in rubbing alcohol
  • Gently rub down the keys
With these easy tips, there’s no reason your friends will ever tease you again and your devices will stay looking brand new for much longer.

Links of the Week #12


Future of Cooking? 

Our homes are becoming easier to interact with and to use, so why not make cooking easier too?

The Anova Precision Cooker allows the user to interact with the device, via a Bluetooth app, so they can cook any meal perfect every time.

Their website even boasts that you can have restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own without the expensive price tag.

The unit also allows you to connect with it directly via a built in settings wheel if your phone happens to not be close by.

All you need to cook a meal is any style pot filled with water. Place the device inside the pot, attach it using the clamp, place your meal in a plastic bag and attach it to the side of the pot, set the unit, and walk away as your food cooks by itself.

Anova’s Precision Cooker is still in the beginning stages of production but with the success of their previous models, it’s sure to be a hit as well.

Visit Digital Trends’ website for more on this product and to watch their video.



Electric Paint 

Imagine walking in to a room in your house and the lights turn on. Sensors, right? Nope, it’s from the paint on the floor.

A company named Bare Conductive started producing an electrically conductive paint in 2009, and the endless uses are starting to catch on.

When you touch the paint, it can control whatever you connect to it. DJ Calvin Harris used it in a music video in which people became instruments by touching their feet and hands. The paint works by using carbon to conduct electricity after it dries, and can be painted on any surface with any tool.

On Bare Conductive’s website they sell tubs and pens containing the electric paint, and they even offer kits to let your creativity run wild.

Z-Tip #13

Z-Tips-Logo 142x142
Millennial Workplace

With the expansion of what technology can do for us at home, people are beginning to rethink their workplace settings. The desire to have more video, voice, and ubiquity through broadband sources creates a never ending spectrum of future innovations.

By increasing their amount of technology, a company can reduce time and cost spent on traveling, and allows their employees to interact more efficiently while at their workplace.

Most employees find that current technology in their work environment impedes productivity and communication, making their days less enjoyable.

Imagine walking up to your office building for a meeting, the door unlocks, the conference room lights turn on, the temperature settings change, and depending on the devices you’re carrying, the information you need is made available.

The millennial generation may just make this a coming reality in order to make work more enjoyable and simplified. There is already technology coming available that can do this in home environments, so it just makes sense that it would bleed over in to the workplace.

Welcome to the Smart Office.

Aging In Place


You live in New York City, while your parents live in Florida. You talk to them on a regular basis, but at times you may not be able to get in touch with them right away. You know they’re aging, and can’t help but worry about if they’re safe or not.

This is a common trend amongst most children of Baby Boomers, and now we have the ability to ease our worries.

As our parents begin to get older, many are looking to live in their current home for the rest of their lives. Baby boomers need homes that offer safety, security, functions that can assist them in their daily functions and are simple to operate.

At ZIO, we keep our seniors and their family members in mind.

As they age in place, technology can help:

  • Remind them of when to take their medications
  • Notify you of their current locations via sensors or interactive flooring
  • Allow you to interact via video conferencing and monitoring
  • Assist them with their eyesight and hearing by enabling audible and visual alarms on appliances, smoke detectors, doors, and doorbells
  • Control the home’s temperature settings
  • Remotely turn off devices if you suspect your parent has forgotten to turn them off, i.e. coffee pot, stove, or other potentially hazardous appliance
  • Alert the appropriate emergency personnel in the event of an accident

That’s only part of what technology can do for our aging parents. A home automation system can also save them money by controlling energy consumption and waste.

With the way technology is evolving, the options are endless. But, for now, we can use what’s readily available by educating ourselves of current devices and applications.

If you know someone that is looking to age in place, be sure to ask your local technology integration company how you can safeguard your loved ones and offer peace of mind.

Links of the Week #11


Tile Your Life 

There is a different way to look at tile from now on. Sure most of us walk on tile at home, at work, or in other environments, but a new device named Tile is revolutionary.

Tile helps users locate their missing items, no matter what they may be. Simply attach Tile to the objects you want to keep track of, and locate them using an app on your smart phone.

The best part is that if your item becomes stolen, other people that have Tile apps could help you out. Mark the item as stolen and if anyone else passes by your object with the Tile app enabled on their phone, it’ll alert you to the object’s location.

Check out Tile’s website to see a cool video and to learn more.



Hands Free Throne 

You go in to a public bathroom, step up to the toilet and when you walk away – or move around – it flushes automatically using beam-based sensors. Some are so touchy that they waste water as you’re trying to finish your business.

Because of this, touch-free toilets have not made it in to the mainstream, but Kohler is changing this.

They are beginning to produce brand new toilets which feature an electromagnetic field that requires just a wave of your hand to flush it.

Now, if you don’t want to fork out money on a brand new toilet – because you may have just purchased one but you like the idea – you can purchase Kohler’s retro-fit kit and upgrade your current throne.

To see this and more, visit Kohler’s website.

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