Z-Tip #20

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Climate Control

If you live in Florida, you know how hot and humid it can get during the summer time.

After a day in a theme park or spent out working in the hot summer sun, you’re more than likely tired, possibly sun burnt and overheated. So, why not have a home that can learn from your routines, and even allow you to remotely change the climate settings from your smart device?

By being able to do this, you’ll ensure a comfortable living environment for when you get home so that relaxing will be easier than ever before.

Z-Tip #19

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Unbiased Experience

Did you know that at ZIO we believe in being brand neutral?

Our team has years of experience and we’ve learned some tricks that allow us to do things most thought was once impossible. Our team is able to utilize their knowledge of the technology at our fingertips, and will educate you on what products will work cohesively in your new, fully-functional space.

This is experience is very important because we allow you to choose the brands that will suit your needs, while staying within your desired budget. So, don’t be held down to one brand choice; enjoy your freedom.

Z-Tip #18

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Product Knowledge

Why stand blindly inside a retail store like a deer in the headlights with no clue on what you need to get the job done when knowledgeable help is within easy reach?

Don’t get left in the dark. A good AV company, like ZIO, has years of experience with designing, and installing entire systems for commercial and residential clients. We know that there is a difference between the two types of applications, and what products would work best for both. For example, some network equipment will work better in a residential environment, but will not be able to handle the strain that the 24/7 commercial environment puts on them.

The ZIO team knows the specs of the latest products on the market, how they’ll affect your systems, and what will best suite your individual needs. Let us lead you confidently in to the future, while enjoying a system that is tailored to your lifestyle.

Z-Tip #17

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AV Placement Is Important

Did you know that the incorrect placement of lighting, air conditioning, audio, or visual equipment can make your dream space anything but?

For some people, it looks easy to watch television and recreate the Do-It-Yourself projects they see portrayed in those thirty-minute to one-hour blocks. However, there’s a lot more science that goes in to creating an oasis in your home when it comes to AV equipment than most realize.

Your AV equipment is designed to work together, so the following is important for each part of your system:
  • Lighting placement creates the appropriate mood settings for what’s going on in your home, and the right lighting can highlight any important pieces of art that you want to show off.
  • Air conditioning placement and ventilation of your AV equipment is imperative for it to work efficiently and not overheat, which will allow it to last longer. Projectors and displays can generate a lot of heat, so you need to make sure the HVAC can handle it accordingly.
  • Incorrect speaker placement can create either overlapping (comb filtering) where everyone gets a different sound spectrum, or it can cause sound to be lost completely from one seat to another. The type of sound being produced by the speakers also matters because low frequency sound travels father than high frequency sound. Every speaker has a different angle of coverage and throw distance (distance in which it is best heard). The goal is to have as uniform sound as possible, which is hard to do without the right equipment or knowledge.
  • Projectors also have optimal throw distances, and displays have optimal viewing distances. Whether you have a display or projector, image quality can decrease or become skewed due to improper angles, distances, or heights.
In addition to all of the different systems you have installed, you must take in to consideration the electrical system limits and requirements needed for the entire room. The electrical system must be sized correctly to support the system to prevent blown fuses, and it needs to be isolated to prevent hums or buzzing which is caused by interference.

The experts at ZIO know how to properly design, engineer, and install any of your AV wishes while delivering you the best experience possible. Let us raise the bar and show you the difference.

Z-Tip #16

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Wired Jungle

Have you or someone you know been a victim of a technology integration nightmare? Most people can just look behind their entertainment centers for a perfect example, while others have relied on companies that have fallen a little below the bar.

Does this look familiar?

Tangled Wires

Sadly, this is not a proper example for the AV community. When dealing with residences or businesses that feature integrated technology systems, it’s important that everything works seamlessly together, is organized, and easily remedied if something may falter.

At ZIO, we strive to not only make your systems work at their peak efficiency, but also look good while doing so. By creating detailed diagrams of each part of the system and organized rack setups, we allow the systems to have proper ventilation and we can fix any potential problems with greater ease.

Here are a few examples of our racks, and how we strive to raise the bar:


Don’t get stuck with a jungle of wires and vast unknowns. Call the experts at ZIO in order to tame the mess and restore peace to your automation world.

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