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Businesses all over are trying to reduce costs while remaining green in order to help our environment. There’s no better way to do this than optimizing the amount of useable light from the sun during the day, and limiting the amount of electricity used.

To meet this demand, Lutron has developed a software umbrella named Quantum. Quantum is a total package energy savings and comfort setting system.

It works by managing the following under one software umbrella:
  • Lighting Controls
  • Motorized Window Shades
  • Digital Ballasts and LED drivers
  • Sensors
Employees are more productive when they’re comfortable, so by providing the right amount of light, preserving scenic views, eliminating glare, and reducing heat gain, everyone comes out as a winner in the end.

Quantum can be used for retrofit applications, and is ideal for new construction. It has the ability to control a single level, an entire building, or a campus with multiple buildings. You can also receive alerts and reports to identify any issues quickly so they can be taken care of in a timely manner.

If you’re interested in the Quantum system, click on this link to Lutron’s website and don’t be afraid to ask us how it can be incorporated in to your business.



Invisible Speakers 

Imagine standing in a space where sound is audible, yet not visibly coming from anywhere. No, you’re not going insane; you’ve just been introduced to one of the latest technologies which allows for spaces to come alive without sacrificing design style.

Invisible speakers, like Triad’s DesignerSeries, can be installed in to either walls or ceilings, and are meant to be plastered, wall papered or painted over. They utilize a revolutionary “diffuse source” vibrating sound-board technique in order to produce highly understandable, clear and clean sound. This gives you truly invisible speakers while producing amazing sound.

Even though the speakers are installed in to the wall underneath plaster, wallpaper or paint, they can be removed and reused if you move or do any major home renovations.

Break away from the norm, and follow this link to Triad’s website for more information.

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