Links of the Week #19


Crestron FlipTops 

Crestron is bringing your conference room to life while offering sophisticated and organized solutions with their new FlipTops.

With FlipTops installed in your conference or lectern areas, you’ll be ready to connect with any device, and have the option to charge them at the same time. Be the king of your next meeting by installing a FlipTops at the head of the table with an integrated 5” capacitive touch screen display. You’ll be able to easily control AV, lights, shades, and climate from your seat. By installing basic FlipTops at every seat, your employees and board members can also stay connected.

Optional cable retractors auto-lock at the desired length and have adjustable retraction speeds to keep you from ever having to worry about tangled cords underneath the desks again. Each FlipTops also has a tapered, notched lid which allows cables to remain connected and crimp-free when the top is closed.

For more on this product, visit Crestron's website.




It’s important to keep your employees happy. This allows your company to retain employees for longer periods, as well as improving their productivity while at work.

This is probably the “Coolest” product you could ever incorporate in to your next company retreat to keep your employees satisfied.

This cooler packs a punch:
  • A removable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • A USB charger
  • LED interior lighting (if the party goes on in to the night)
  • Tie-down straps for carrying your gear
  • A divider that can also be used as a cutting board
  • A built in picnic area in the lid which stores plates and a ceramic paring knife
  • A bottle opener
  • Wide beach tires to get through rough terrain
  • A fully-functional 18v blender with rechargeable battery (Yes, a blender)
Go to Coolest's kickstarter campaign page to watch a video and to get more information. The campaign has already blown way past its original goal, and still has over 40 days to go.

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