Hire a CEDIA Certified Company


ZIO boasts quite often that it is an award winning CEDIA certified design and installation company, and we’re very proud of this title. We currently hold three of these certifications; in addition to being an outreach instructor.

Why should this be important to you?

CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) is an international trade group that represents residential electronic systems professionals. Since being founded in 1989, CEDIA runs the most comprehensive certification program in the technology industry. Members are trained and certified to know the latest trends and products, and they must also pledge allegiance to a strict Code of Ethics to protect consumers.

This makes us qualified to not only design and install state-of-the-art technology, but also to personalize it to meet your unique needs. So, whether it is new home construction, major remodels or retrofit installations, ZIO can design and install a system for you that will work seamlessly as one.

Benefits to you:
  • Ease of mind and convenience – We handle all aspects of technology integration.
  • Design – We’re capable of thinking outside the box to give you a system that is designed just for your needs, and able to do exactly what you need it to do.
  • Future Upgrades – Because we maintain CAD drawings and full documentation, any future upgrades will be easy to facilitate; plus they’ll be valuable to a homebuyer if you decide to sell.
  • Save money and time – By involving us early on, we’ll collaborate with interior designers, architects, builders and more to get you the proper systems selected and in the appropriate places. This will avoid any costly mistakes from occurring, and keep your project on time.
So, when you’re ready to consult with a technology integration company, make sure you come to ZIO. We make it a priority to continually raise the bar.

Documentation is Key


ZIO would like to introduce you to Fred, our CTS-D certified Design Engineer.

We had the pleasure of sending Fred to InfoComm14, and he came back with a wealth of knowledge; which he’d like to share a little bit of with you.

“At the InfoComm shows there are an abundance of classes offered by manufacturers and the InfoComm organization on every topic related to being in the technology business. These classes allow Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) to earn Renewal Units (RU) so that we can retain our certifications and learn about the latest in technology.

One of the classes I attended was named, “Site Surveys; Client Expectation Management”.

Up front planning, communication, documentation and drawings are always important, especially when working on a project with other trades involved (electricians, builders, designers, etc.).


Insufficient up-front planning and poor communication on the project can cause delays and added expenses. Not to mention it causes added stress on the companies involved and you – the client.

Communication is always key, especially when designing an integrated technology system that controls your whole home or business. Proper documentation and site surveys help the project run smoothly; even at the end (during crunch time) when everyone is trying to complete the project. Not only will this help the technicians and trades involved, but it will also ease your mind as you anxiously await your new system.

It all starts with the initial customer meeting and site survey. This meeting requires:
  • Good communication
  • A detailed site survey form
  • Even more communication with any trade companies involved
Our site surveys and documentation allows you to visually see:
  • What technology will be installed
  • Where all of the technology will be placed
  • How it will communicate with every other piece of equipment
  • And, will give references down the road for easy maintenance and repairs
By having this documentation and a good conversation with you, we increase our chances to finish your project on time, and within your budget.”

At ZIO, our #1 priority is your customer satisfaction. If you’re informed ahead of time, this will allow us to meet those expectations while making any project with us as seamless as possible.

InfoComm14 Wrap Up

InfoComm14 Wrap Up

ZIO is back from InfoComm14!

37, 048 attendees filled the North and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center to celebrate this year’s latest and greatest in the AV world. This year’s conference proved how mainstream home and business automation is becoming. Technology is constantly changing and it can be difficult for most to stay current with the latest technology innovations, but ZIO is here to help.

One of the big trends in commercial technology is the ability for people to better collaborate. Spaces can be designed to allow multiple people to collaborate in the same space or solutions can be set up that allows people at different locations to collaborate together. Regardless of how you are trying to design a space there are many new technologies that allow for collaboration.

Mersive’s technology stood out as powerful accessory that any business can incorporate in to their current environment. As the name playfully implies, their new Solstice software immerses any of its users in to one unified, collaborative content sharing environment.

Solstice is capable of:
  • Unlimited simultaneous collaborators via WiFi or Ethernet connections
  • Connect with any Windows, Apple or Android devices
  • Share videos, applications, documents, images, etc.
  • Allow multiple streams per user on the display
  • Versatile control of the screen layout
  • Ability to share only what the user wants to allow for security
Check out the video below to see Fred’s demonstration of the software on a touchscreen display.

Below is a video from the CTO of Mersive Technologies explaining Solstice in more detail and giving you a better example of how it's used.

As you can see, Mersive built Solstice from the ground up to satisfy any company’s needs. It easily allows anyone to connect to the Solsitce-enabled display so they can share, and control the ideas on screen while fostering collaboration and decision making.

This is one of the many new products featured at InfoComm that will allow you to be more productive with collaboration. Stay tuned in the future for a feature on many more of the collaborative technologies and their application to creating more creative and efficient meetings.



ZIO is going to Vegas!

On June 14th, InfoComm will kick off their annual trade show. We are excited to be sending some of our ZIO staff to Las Vegas, NV so they can take part in the largest professional audio/visual (AV) trade show in the industry.

It features the latest technologies that you love from ZIO, such as: audio, video, display, wireless presentation, projection, lighting and staging, digital signage, conferencing, digital content creation, networking, signal distribution and so much more.

Basically, InfoComm is the equivalent to ComiCon for the audiovisual world… We’ll be letting our techie sides out!

InfoComm was established in 1939 and is a worldwide organization that represents, and certifies professionals in the AV and information communications industries. They continually challenge these professionals by offering continuing education, and serve as an industry standard for a foundation of quality products, service and installation.

By being a member of InfoComm and having certified staff on hand, ZIO demonstrates its commitment to professional growth in our industry. We continually strive to raise the bar so, by being a part of this; we deliver the promise to you that you’ll always get the latest in high tech equipment, expert service and support.

ZIO will be posting pictures from the event as it happens, so stay tuned for more news from Vegas and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

We can’t wait to see what cool new technology InfoComm14 will bestow upon us! ZIO is prepared to let our creativity become unleashed.

Important Information for Bright House Subscribers

Digital Adapter
By now, you have likely received communication from Bright House that analog cable service is being discontinued and will be replaced with digital technology.

Why is this change needed?

Analog signals deliver information directly by being translated in electrical pulses, whereas digital signals are transferred in to a binary format (i.e. 1’s and 0’s) and then reassembled at the reception point.

The benefit of this is that digital signals be compressed allowing for larger transmission of data, and they do not degrade over time so they will always deliver the same product. Analog signals have a limitation of data that can be transmitted at any given time, and can degrade in quality.

Bright House is making this switch to make your viewing experience better by streaming your movies and television shows in higher definition and quality, and to continue with ongoing technology demands.

What do I need to do?

If you currently have a digital device (i.e. cable box, Digital Adapter, or cable card) connected to your television, then you do not have to make any changes. However, this means that any TV that accesses cable channels through the TV directly will require a converter.

There is a new compact converter, about the size of an Apple TV called a “digital adapter” which provides access to the same channels you could watch without a set top box, and each customer receives two digital adapters for no additional charge. The digital adapter provides digital and HD signal and can usually be hidden behind a flat panel TV, even when mounted flat on a wall.

If you have any TVs that do not currently have access to a set top box or digital adapter and need assistance obtaining or installing a digital adapter, please contact us. ZIO is honored to assist our clients with service and support, and we have a unique arrangement with Bright House to assist you better.

Additional Important Information:

Bright House has recently changed the way their DVR converter behaves. The change will likely affect how your entertainment system operates. A new “Power Save Mode” has been added, which by default will cause the DVR to automatically turn off after 4 hours of inactivity.

When Power Save has been activated, you will have no picture or sound when you turn your system on. In almost all cases, there is nothing wrong with your system; instead the DVR has just turned itself off.
  • Power Save Mode doesn’t actually turn the DVR off and scheduled programs are still recorded so there’s actually very little power saved.
  • When Power Save has been activated, you can reset the 4-hour timer by pressing "Power Save Mode" or the Power Save Mode 2 on your remote.
  • Currently, all Bright House converters, including DVRs, do not provide a way to consistently ensure it’s always on.

ZIO strongly recommends turning off the Power Save mode and always leaving the converter powered on.

Follow these instructions to turn this feature off:
  • Press "Power Save Mode 3" on your remote.
  • Press the Power Save Mode 4 to highlight "Timers".
  • Select "Power Save Mode" to toggle the feature on and off.
At ZIO we strive to continually raise the bar, so let us assist you with any technology questions or needs that you may have for your home or business.

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