End of the Dead Batteries Dilemma

control4 remote charging station

This April, Control4 will introduce a new recharging station designed for two of their remote controls. Instead of having to replace batteries all the time, this option adds in a lightweight, high-power-density rechargeable battery. The package includes the recharging station and a replacement battery cover with charging pins. Other features include a low-profile design and a LED-charging indicator. The remote will be priced at $130.

Source: CEPro

Smart Bulbs Spotlight: The Future of Lighting Control

Consumers and the popular press finally are getting (and disseminating) the message that smart lighting offers security, convenience, ambiance and energy savings.

Here’s a spotlight on three smart LED bulbs and systems :


hiPhilips Hue


-   Easy installation

-   Can recreate any color in the spectrum 

-   The Hue Bridge can link up to 50 bulbs at a time 

-   Smart phone app is featured in new Apple iPhone commerical 

Price: $270 Starter Kit, $60 for each additional bulb

Fun Fact:  Use the Hue app to capture the colors from any photo and then recreate them in the room. 

spark wifi socket

Spark Devices 


-   Not an actual bulb just a socket that screws into a standard light bulb

-   Works with any dimmable bulb

-   Wireless control from smartphone, tablet  or computer 


Fun Fact:  Inspired by the founder’s deaf father, who would greatly benefit from color-oriented notifications—lights flash blue if the phone rings, red if email is received


url-1GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution 


-   Handheld remote controller

-   Light quality is very similar to incandescent bulbs (in both brightness and color) and consumes  about 80% less energy than traditionaincandescent bulbs. 

-   Can control up to 500 bulbs 

 $200 kit includes four LED bulbs, gateway and remote control

Fun Fact: Founded by veterans of Cisco's consumer networking business

Source: 13 Smart LED Bulbs: The Future of Lighting Control 

The Artistic Qualities of Technology

Creating Stunning Visual Effects with your Video Projector 

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During "Winter Storm Nemo" in 2013, Brain Maffited got bored with his technology and decided to project the film "The Lorax" onto the snowstorm. The results generated some stunning video and images.

Take a look: 

  • 8456900585_b9d31eb991_z_detail_em
  • 8456900825_f59276e670_z_detail_em
  • 8456900979_30b422bd5d_z_detail_em
  • 8458000016_346cd6746b_z_detail_em
  • 8458000312_4800d1c521_z_detail_em

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