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ZIO boasts quite often that it is an award winning CEDIA certified design and installation company, and we’re very proud of this title. We currently hold three of these certifications; in addition to being an outreach instructor.

Why should this be important to you?

CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) is an international trade group that represents residential electronic systems professionals. Since being founded in 1989, CEDIA runs the most comprehensive certification program in the technology industry. Members are trained and certified to know the latest trends and products, and they must also pledge allegiance to a strict Code of Ethics to protect consumers.

This makes us qualified to not only design and install state-of-the-art technology, but also to personalize it to meet your unique needs. So, whether it is new home construction, major remodels or retrofit installations, ZIO can design and install a system for you that will work seamlessly as one.

Benefits to you:
  • Ease of mind and convenience – We handle all aspects of technology integration.
  • Design – We’re capable of thinking outside the box to give you a system that is designed just for your needs, and able to do exactly what you need it to do.
  • Future Upgrades – Because we maintain CAD drawings and full documentation, any future upgrades will be easy to facilitate; plus they’ll be valuable to a homebuyer if you decide to sell.
  • Save money and time – By involving us early on, we’ll collaborate with interior designers, architects, builders and more to get you the proper systems selected and in the appropriate places. This will avoid any costly mistakes from occurring, and keep your project on time.
So, when you’re ready to consult with a technology integration company, make sure you come to ZIO. We make it a priority to continually raise the bar.

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Businesses all over are trying to reduce costs while remaining green in order to help our environment. There’s no better way to do this than optimizing the amount of useable light from the sun during the day, and limiting the amount of electricity used.

To meet this demand, Lutron has developed a software umbrella named Quantum. Quantum is a total package energy savings and comfort setting system.

It works by managing the following under one software umbrella:
  • Lighting Controls
  • Motorized Window Shades
  • Digital Ballasts and LED drivers
  • Sensors
Employees are more productive when they’re comfortable, so by providing the right amount of light, preserving scenic views, eliminating glare, and reducing heat gain, everyone comes out as a winner in the end.

Quantum can be used for retrofit applications, and is ideal for new construction. It has the ability to control a single level, an entire building, or a campus with multiple buildings. You can also receive alerts and reports to identify any issues quickly so they can be taken care of in a timely manner.

If you’re interested in the Quantum system, click on this link to Lutron’s website and don’t be afraid to ask us how it can be incorporated in to your business.



Invisible Speakers 

Imagine standing in a space where sound is audible, yet not visibly coming from anywhere. No, you’re not going insane; you’ve just been introduced to one of the latest technologies which allows for spaces to come alive without sacrificing design style.

Invisible speakers, like Triad’s DesignerSeries, can be installed in to either walls or ceilings, and are meant to be plastered, wall papered or painted over. They utilize a revolutionary “diffuse source” vibrating sound-board technique in order to produce highly understandable, clear and clean sound. This gives you truly invisible speakers while producing amazing sound.

Even though the speakers are installed in to the wall underneath plaster, wallpaper or paint, they can be removed and reused if you move or do any major home renovations.

Break away from the norm, and follow this link to Triad’s website for more information.

Z-Tip #20

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Climate Control

If you live in Florida, you know how hot and humid it can get during the summer time.

After a day in a theme park or spent out working in the hot summer sun, you’re more than likely tired, possibly sun burnt and overheated. So, why not have a home that can learn from your routines, and even allow you to remotely change the climate settings from your smart device?

By being able to do this, you’ll ensure a comfortable living environment for when you get home so that relaxing will be easier than ever before.

Documentation is Key


ZIO would like to introduce you to Fred, our CTS-D certified Design Engineer.

We had the pleasure of sending Fred to InfoComm14, and he came back with a wealth of knowledge; which he’d like to share a little bit of with you.

“At the InfoComm shows there are an abundance of classes offered by manufacturers and the InfoComm organization on every topic related to being in the technology business. These classes allow Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) to earn Renewal Units (RU) so that we can retain our certifications and learn about the latest in technology.

One of the classes I attended was named, “Site Surveys; Client Expectation Management”.

Up front planning, communication, documentation and drawings are always important, especially when working on a project with other trades involved (electricians, builders, designers, etc.).


Insufficient up-front planning and poor communication on the project can cause delays and added expenses. Not to mention it causes added stress on the companies involved and you – the client.

Communication is always key, especially when designing an integrated technology system that controls your whole home or business. Proper documentation and site surveys help the project run smoothly; even at the end (during crunch time) when everyone is trying to complete the project. Not only will this help the technicians and trades involved, but it will also ease your mind as you anxiously await your new system.

It all starts with the initial customer meeting and site survey. This meeting requires:
  • Good communication
  • A detailed site survey form
  • Even more communication with any trade companies involved
Our site surveys and documentation allows you to visually see:
  • What technology will be installed
  • Where all of the technology will be placed
  • How it will communicate with every other piece of equipment
  • And, will give references down the road for easy maintenance and repairs
By having this documentation and a good conversation with you, we increase our chances to finish your project on time, and within your budget.”

At ZIO, our #1 priority is your customer satisfaction. If you’re informed ahead of time, this will allow us to meet those expectations while making any project with us as seamless as possible.

Links of the Week #19


Crestron FlipTops 

Crestron is bringing your conference room to life while offering sophisticated and organized solutions with their new FlipTops.

With FlipTops installed in your conference or lectern areas, you’ll be ready to connect with any device, and have the option to charge them at the same time. Be the king of your next meeting by installing a FlipTops at the head of the table with an integrated 5” capacitive touch screen display. You’ll be able to easily control AV, lights, shades, and climate from your seat. By installing basic FlipTops at every seat, your employees and board members can also stay connected.

Optional cable retractors auto-lock at the desired length and have adjustable retraction speeds to keep you from ever having to worry about tangled cords underneath the desks again. Each FlipTops also has a tapered, notched lid which allows cables to remain connected and crimp-free when the top is closed.

For more on this product, visit Crestron's website.




It’s important to keep your employees happy. This allows your company to retain employees for longer periods, as well as improving their productivity while at work.

This is probably the “Coolest” product you could ever incorporate in to your next company retreat to keep your employees satisfied.

This cooler packs a punch:
  • A removable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • A USB charger
  • LED interior lighting (if the party goes on in to the night)
  • Tie-down straps for carrying your gear
  • A divider that can also be used as a cutting board
  • A built in picnic area in the lid which stores plates and a ceramic paring knife
  • A bottle opener
  • Wide beach tires to get through rough terrain
  • A fully-functional 18v blender with rechargeable battery (Yes, a blender)
Go to Coolest's kickstarter campaign page to watch a video and to get more information. The campaign has already blown way past its original goal, and still has over 40 days to go.

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